Art (Residents’ Activities)

Won’t you consider donating one or more of the following items for Residents’ Art Classes

  • The magic painting book is paint with water, then colours come up.
  • Larger mandala colouring pages
  • Plain A4 paper
  • A4-A5 art/watercolour paper
  • Watercolour pencils
  • Decoupage, mosaic tiles
  • New sand art pics
  • Sodoku and crossword, find a word books

Jennifer (Volunteer) visits Park Care weekly to spend some fabulous quality Art-time engaging with Residents to experiment in all varieties of art whilst everyone in the group joins in some pleasant socializing

The use of art engages vulnerable and older persons in a unique way. Art therapists recognize the creative source in the fragile and strive to involve them in the creative process. The art combines the media of the visual artist with assistance in art skills to enable the individual person to make meaningful expressions of emotion. Supportive and therapeutic art interventions augment the skills and assets that many persons retain. Effective art therapy sessions are also teaching new ways to express and interpret life situations, to communicate perspectives and respond to the difficulties encountered



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