Welcome to Park Care Established Since 1961

Park Care is an independent, faith based, charity organisation, and is registered as a Non-profit Organization, as well as being registered with SARS as a Public Benefit Organization. Park Care provides specialized 24/7 nursing care and/or holistic support to older, and frail persons within a caring residential setting.

Everyone at Park Care enjoys peace of mind in an enclosed, secure complex with 24/7 security, surrounded by leafy gardens, rich with birdsong and established trees. Like the colours of a rainbow, many ethnic, language and religious segments are represented in Park Care’s resident profile. There has been residents as young as late 20’s and as old as 101 years of age.

Our History


The Dutch Reformed Church purchased the Park Lane Clinic/Nurses Home in 1961 in order to provide institutional care for older persons. The demand for frail care grew over time, and eventually, the core business focus shifted entirely towards care of the frail. The original buildings were renovated, and three new extensions were added in 2003. The Dementia care building, called Forget-Me-Not, was entirely designed to meet the specific needs of persons with Dementia, and special consideration was given to the need for safety, comfort and supervised nursing care. The original name of the home was changed from “Die Witwatersrandse Tuiste vir Bejaardes” to “PARKSORG SENTRUM/ PARK CARE CENTRE” in 2003, to reflect the centre’s focus on 24/7 residential nursing care.


A Thank You From Us


We at Park Care Centre would like to give a simple, heartfelt, and well-deserved Thank You to everyone for their warm kindness and generous donations, sponsorship and volunteering, we could not be more grateful for all the support. We at Park Care Centre are very grateful for all that you have given us in order for us to care for the old and frail.
“At the end of the day it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished…it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.” — Denzel Washington

Park Care Centre  – Maintenance and Repairs

To safeguard an excellent condition of our 6 buildings at Park Care Centre – we are in need of your substantial support for modification, upgrading, replacements, painting, reinforcements…. pillars and foundations, roofs, ceilings, walls, pain and sooo much more

Park Care proudly conducts its nursing services at the facility featuring 3 original buildings (original Park Lane Clinic) practically heritage structures, and 3 newer buildings added in 2003 – it is a classic facility situated in a prime location in a prime area

But, dear friends, let this not fool you, living in a prime area does not mean we are living in the abundance of wealth. What it does mean is that we are dependent on your support to help Park Care take care of the buildings (interior and exterior) to uphold a secure and charming residential facility for 320 24/7 frail nursing care dependent citizens

At the moment tiling and roofing repairs are being taken care of on the Clivia left wing rooftop.

Do you ever wonder where the money comes from to keep the frail nursing care centre in its premium condition? It doesn’t come from the government or from city funds. It comes from individuals, businesses and organisations as yourself.

St John’s Priory (Parktown, Jhb) recently contributed sponsored workmanship with repairs on the Clivia veranda roof to prevent leakages during the rainy seasons along with several other minor repairs needing attention…..

Every day we use available funds to pay for nursing staff, care workers, cleaners, kitchen personnel, the handful admin personnel to ensure best 24/7 nursing care for all residents and quality social services offered. On the contrary, in order to continue the upkeep of our buildings, there is a huge shortage in the budget.

So how do we get the funds we use? That’s the catchy part – through the financial support of people like you.

To warrant not only best professional holistic, palliative and other 24/7 specialized nursing care, social care, but also quality living – we need your help. Would you be willing to join forces with Park Care with your donation that will help determine future success stories of the philanthropic sector – in this case – the 24/7 Specialized Frail Nursing Care Services at Park Care accessible to 320 nursing care dependent people?

Forget-Me-Not – Alzheimers and Dementia secluded area accommodating 100+ people – 3 x storeys

Petrea – 65 High Care nursing care residents in the living space of 3 storeys

and 40 Intensive Care residents on another floor

Jakaranda with 45 people on 3 levels in need of assisted living

Villa Anna has room for 5 people and Villa Rosa with ground and first floor for 31 persons needing assisted living

Clivia upstairs offering frail care for 25 people and

Clivia ground floor left wing utilized as administration office and right wing and extensions for utilities such as a chapel, hairdresser, tv and social lounge, tuck shop, library, occupational therapy room, one gents and one ladies clothing store, board room and linen store room

As a frail community guardian, we rely on your support to help us keep our buildings on the inside and outside in immaculate state making every interior and exterior living space sustainable, attractive and pleasant (to the eye and to the soul).

Would you please help us further our efforts with a tax deductible donation? With this donation, you will finance Park Care to enable work done on every patch on the inside and outside

You can either donate via EFT or by monthly debit order. Please give us a call at +27 11 482-2060 if you’d like additional information on our organization or its mission. We are rated highly by the medical, social development and health sectors and are a registered NPO organisation. Thank you in advance. We appreciate your support.

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