You Can Now Receive a SARS 18A Tax Deductible Certificate For Doing A Good Deed.

Help Park Care get the help they require!

In return, Park Care offers a SARS 18A Tax Deductible Certificate (when required)

Our PBO Number: 930009409
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Park Care Social Work Team

Free Dementia Family Support Group Workshops (43)

For those who may be interested, James Wetton facilitates free Dementia Family Support Group Workshops at Rosebank Union Church on Saturday mornings from 9:30 am. These sessions are free. You may directly contact James at to join the group.
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Park Care Social Work Team

60 Years | Diamond Celebration On Friday 8 October 2021

This will be an in-house event only due to Covid protection for our vulnerable at risk residents (high care, intensive care, mid care, assisted living Park Care 60th Anniversary - 8 October 2021 notificationand Alzheimer/Dementia people)

It is sad though that this milestone cannot be entertained along with family, friends, and other guests

Management has endeavoured to continue with arrangements as per the normal for our previous open-house events:

  • Music from 1961
  • Guest Speaker (to be announced)
  • Memorabilia – small token (perhaps soft toy for keyring complete with logo and 60 Years…) for Residents (300) and maybe also for Board Members, Staff (200) – sponsorship/contributions needed
  • We have also asked the school volunteers on the Community Hours platform to bake a cake and decorate for 60th birthday – 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes plus the required community hours volunteer services rendered (5 hours per cake donated) – require about 25 cakes for residents only and another 10-15 cakes for staff
  • Clothing from the 1961 era – donations required for residents’ dress-up

o   Park Care staff will revert to their rock ‘n roll outfits (rock ‘n roll era somewhat blends with the 1961 classis style of dress codes, music and movie themes)

  • Noting that 60 Years signifies a Diamond Jubilee – we also would like to ask for donations of “BLING” items eg costume jewellery, belts, and other articles with which residents can be dressed up with – (27)
  •  The catering people at Park Care (Reef Caterers) is sponsoring the lunch for residents – hamburgers and chips
  • I have 2 x donors who pledged ice-cream and milk for milkshakes and ice-cream cones (which the residents absolutely love)
  •  Park Care’s (retired) nursing manager’s spouse is a professional photographer and has consented to take photographs during the event
  • Rosebank Killarney Gazette will have a journalist covering the events for the day


note: health and safety measurements will be applied to the few selected visitors

Once again, as always, Park Care depends on the support of the outer communities to enhance the lives of the frail resident community, enlightening the day-to-day norm of a 24/7 nursing care dependent lifestyle.

Park Care cannot be who we are and do what we do without the support of families, friends, new associations – augmenting the daily living of 300 residents with special events, treats, gifts, activities – doing all we can to make each resident feel special, striving to uphold their dignity, endorsing each one’s valuable worth

In the interim – frequent posting on our facebook page will contain various announcements (extracts from 1961 news and events), Park Care history, specified itemized donations requests, snippets from board members & staff (where attainable) and others related pieces.

60th Anniversary Celebration 8 October 2021 Digital

Sarah Ramphisa Feb 2021-1
Sarah Ramphisa Sandton Chronicle Feb 2021-fb page-001-1

We truly appreciate ROSEBANK KILLARNEY GAZETTE’s profile-raising and dedicated support displayed to Park Care, its functions, its resident community and personnel! We treasure the giving of their resources, time and talents to enrich the lives of our priceless frail fragile community

This support is totally extraordinary and we cannot accentuate enough how much their extended hand of friendship means to all – management, residents, staff

The words “THANK YOU” don’t come close to expressing how grateful we truly are for Rosebank Killarney Gazette and Sandton Chronicle’s support. The work done to help Park Care maintain high standards of nursing and social care, really does change people’s lives tremendously

But, yet, without the support of sources and persons such as The Rosebank Killarney Gazette, and, now also The Sandton Chronicle, (as is with the AfriDesign Support Team!), Donors, Funders and all other supporters, we will not be able to attain and fulfil our dreams for every fragile frail nursing care dependent resident to ensure every moment of their stay will forever be a cherished memory in their hearts

And, the extensive kind attentiveness given to Park Care Centre on the whole, is priceless ….. what we do, we do because the people we care for are each and every one over and above such a pearl and it is our vision and mission to always, as far and wide and long it is possible, give them the best we can!


Manda Pretorius is the executive manager of the Park Care Centre

Jan 3rd, 2021|Healthcare Heroes,
Manda Pretorius is the executive manager of the Park Care Centre in Johannesburg. Her advice is to stay vigilant!


An important message from Sister Sarah Ramphisa from Park Care Centre in Joburg

Its the new year 2021 & many of us have enjoyed time off – but please take care

Here’s an important message from Sister Sarah Ramphisa from Park Care Centre in Joburg.


Celebrate Safe –
Johanna Madlala at Park Care Centre for the elderly and frail in Johannesburg

#Celebrate Safe
Johanna Madlala works at Park Care 24/7 Frail Nursing Care Centre for the elderly and frail in Parktown, Johannesburg.
Her message to everyone is to follow non-pharmaceutical interventions and stay safe


#StaySafe #StayHome
A message from social worker Chatall Botha from Park Care Centre
A Message From Social Worker Chatall Botha From Park Care Centre. #StaySafe #StayHome – SA Corona Virus Online Portal
Give the invaluable gift of good health in the festive season and throughout 2021 by preventing the spread of COVID-19 to loved ones and fellow South Africans.
A message from social worker Chatall Botha from Park Care Centre in Johannesburg. #StaySafe #StayHome


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