Thank you so much for endowing Park Care’s people with the kindness of your donation  displaying your affectionate support

Every gift received from you is a wish for the happiness of every member of Park Care’s Frail Nursing Care Dependent Community


image006 (3)

Thank you is a word that comes from the heart of Park Care Management, Residents, Staff and to let you know how grateful we are for your contribution

Your fundamental assistance is embraced to a great extent

And we are incredibly fortunate to have friends like you

We couldn’t do it without you – Thanks for helping to make the seemingly impossible so possible!


Be an Easter Miracle this year and welcome this amazing Frail resident Community to your Easter Weekend of Feasting

Everyone loves Easter! With this in mind, therefore, we once again humbly appeal for kind consideration to invite the frail and vulnerable into your weekend sphere of Easter celebrations
Park Care’s Frail Residents always face the biggest challenges during celebration times being within the confines of our 24/7 specialized nursing care facility.

And with the less privileged Elderly of our Home Based Care a Matter of not haves
How? Easy 1, 2, 3 steps – You don’t have to take on or more frail persons home, but merely consider
a contribution of confectionery such as Chocolate Easter Eggs and any other Easter delicacies


Purchase and bring confectionery such as chocolate Easter eggs and other Easter pleasures

easter-egg-clip-art-easter-eggs-picture-3675568ea2a53fccacb7b9f0fd8debf4 Make a contribution via EFT 
Any other Easter Treats Bake and Bring 

Whatever your favourite mode of donation, every single donation is welcomed with so much gladness and appreciation.

Park Care’s cause is incomplete without your considerable support, Your donation is extremely important to our cause, and we’d like to thank you for your participation.
Your responsive generosity will help make dreams come true.

Share your family’s love with those:

Who have a need Some are Daring Some are fit Some can still dance Some Wander and Some Wonder.


image002 (8)image006 (4)image025 Clothing! Clothing!image010 (1)Clothing!image011 (1)image012And Moreimage013 (1)

Ladies and Gents – New Or Preloved & Previously Owned (in Mint Condition) – All Sizes

Every household has one or more of the above……Men and Women’s Clothing Attire – For Every Season and Every Size –now being overlooked

and taking up unnecessary space in your wardrobe –

Or, Perhaps Even Having Spare Cash Wanting To Spoil Someone Somewhere……..

Wondering Where Are We Going With This?

In the first months of 2020, no one could have foreseen how the rest of the year would play out. Last year packed in huge changes to our lifestyles, complicated our use of the familiar, and blatantly uprooted our daily stems and buds

To date, this resulted in The 300+ Frail Nursing Care Dependent Community of Park Care to remain within the confines of Park Care’s borders – unable to

“go out shopping ‘til we dropping” for basic every-day personal needs and leisureliness

The Effect Thereof – One Year Later – Park Care’s 300 Resident Frail Care Community (Young and Old) Are In Need of Clothing! All types Clothing for Men & Women

Trousers & Slacks, Shirts & Tees, Jackets & Coats, Woollies & Fleeces, Sleepwear, Footwear, Socks & Slops, Underwear & Vests, “Stokies”- slippers & Shoes, Winter Pyjamas & Tracksuits, And More

But What We Can Do Is To Banish Their Urgent Need of An Assortment of Garments With Your Generous Embrace Of Donations – Contributions – Sponsorships – Financing – image017

If there’s one thing last year taught us, life is unpredictable –

Giving is not about the donation you make – It is about the difference you make


The support from society in general – businesses, organisations, institutions, individuals – private groups, communities – are each and everyone a vital life organ to unequivocally implicate the crucial continuation of the Centre who are one of very few institutions specializing in, and, offering professional long and short term Specialized Holistic and Palliative 24/7 Residential Nursing Care

Every gift from a friend is a wish for the Happiness of all Frail at Park Care

An indepth heartfelt THANK YOU for remembering our fragile community

We are humbled by your expression of support and endorsement of our work

Donor and Winners
Diamond Earrings Raffle Winners – 12 February 2021

Donor Mr Klaus Pack
Handing over of 3 x Diamond Earrings Sets to Mrs Manda Pretorius (executive manager) at Park Care

086-1Re-counting Mr Pack’s summary of the Raffle Draw on Friday 12th February 2021:
“I appreciate the dedication and commitment your organization puts into practice always providing the best comfort and nurture for all the frail people at Park Care
Greatly conscious of the sensitivity of financial demands, the sole reason for my gift of 3 pairs of Diamond Earrings Studs was the anticipation that this contribution will be an asset to help improve the finances
I am therefore very pleased to have made this donation to Park Care Centre. A dynamic cause which cannot be ignored, and I value their existence, and genuinely hope that this contribution have made a sizeable difference to advance their successful operations. I am thoroughly pleased to have been able to assist in making a difference
I wish Park Care all success and to continue keep up their good work. I am grateful for the way they take good care of my friend who is a resident, for their unwavering devotion and sincere care for each resident, and could not have asked for better nursing, social and any other extended care
I can assure you that I will definitely continue to support Park Care with further in future. We salute you for all the hard work your organization has been doing and wishing for your success. Keep up the good work”


IMG-20210215-WA0044First Winner – Chantall Botha (with Mrs Lorraine le Roux and Mrs Ina de Ponselle)

“When I heard my name announced as first prize winner of the diamond earrings, I felt wobbly with shock.  It took a moment to register what had happened as I never expected to win.  I have never won such a substantial prize before.  The diamond studs are brilliantly beautiful. I am so very grateful. Thanks so much.



IMG-20210216-WA0042Second Winner – Barbara Grantham – (with Mrs Lorraine le Roux)

“What a surprise to win a raffle for once – and top of it all, gorgeous earrings! Such a generous contribution by Mr Klaus Pack, to a wonderful cause. A huge thank you to all the staff at Park Care – for everything you do for your residents – our friends and family. We appreciate you.

Barbara Grantham”

Chantall Botha”







IMG-20210217-WA0052Third Winner – Melanie Dobbs – (with Mrs Lorraine le Roux)

“My mother was at Park Care from 2011 until she died peacefully in her sleep in 2016. A few months before she passed away, she said that her time at Park Care had been the happiest of her life. This was extraordinary as she had been mentally ill for most of her life. But at Park Care, free from the pressures of normal life, she could love the gardens, concerts, shopping trips, hair dresser, and the semi-independent life-style in which nurses and social staff were able to ensure that my mother took the right medications at the right time, and took care of her illnesses and concerns.

Park Care gave my poor, unhappy Mom five wonderful years, and to me – absolute peace of mind for the first time in my life with my mother.

My mother was lucky that her money outlived her, but many people are not so lucky – this is the reason I continue to contribute to Park Care: so that they may continue supplying these wonderful services to as many people as possible.

Thank you so much Park Care, I will wear your beautiful ‘prize’ with joy.

Melanie Dobbs”



Thank You Mr Pack For Your Sincere Wishes, Care and Support! You Have Contributed To Make A Vast Difference In The Lives Of All At Park Care And Those of Our Winners
On behalf of management, residents, staff, we would love to express our sincerest appreciation of your Donation of the 3 Sets Diamond Earrings that enabled Park Care to do a Raffle and Announce the Winners of these fantastic prizes on Friday 12th February 2021!
Bless you for your amazing support


Congratulation to the 3 Winners
First Winner – Chantall Botha
Second Winner – Barbara Grantham
Third Winner – Melanie Dobbs





Mackridge & Associates Inc Accountants & Auditors’ staff, Evelyn Majoni and Lenette Viljoen, paid a visit to Park Care on Friday 12th February to finalize the Winners Draw for the 3 x sets Diamond Studs Earrings Competition (donated by Mr Klaus Pack, complete with Valuation Certificates by Loubser Studio)

Park Care 24/7 Frail Nursing Centre Needs Your Help!

Park Care Management, Residents, Staff present you with

glorious wishes for a Christmas sweetness filled with friendship, happiness and love

In this loveliest and happiest of seasons,

may you find many reasons to celebrate and

may this Christmas season usher you into the New Year of 2021 on a fabulous voyage

Wishing you and your loved ones abundant prosperity in all things,

and in health, as it is God’s Will for you to prosper!
This journey through Christmas into every day of the New Year greeting

is an invitation to happiness with

blessings and wonderful wishes from the depths of our hearts !

image005 (1)

May the Christmas brightness full of lights forever gleam

to illuminate you and your loved ones

and cover it with glorious splendour and fill your 2021 day to day!

Abundantly Blessed Christmas and Abounding New Year 2021

to you and your family!


Park Care Centre 24/7 Specialized Frail Nursing Care’s Christmas Appeal

This year our Annual Christmas Party and Market and Christmas Carols will not be going ahead but we would like to run things differently with our Christmas appeal
Due to Covid, Annual, Weekly and Daily activities have been unable to go ahead and now
Covid is also affecting our annual Christmas plans as well

Because of this, Park Care management and staff are asking schools, families, friends, communities, and businesses to team up with us and donate any money, gifts, or presents they can for the vulnerable frail nursing care community this year.

image005 (3)PARK CARE CENTRE
Tuesday 8 December 2020
– Forget Me Not:
Alzheimers / Dementia Unit
Thursday 10 December 2020
– Petrea: High Care & Intensive Care Unit
Tuesday 15 December 2020
Jakaranda, Clivia, Villa Rosa: Mid Care & Assisted Living
Towels & Facecloths
Golf T-Shirts (all sizes)

Thursday 3 December 2020
Canned fruits
Canned meat or Fish
Other Gifts

Since March our 300 Fragile Residents have been cocooning, which effectively meant staying indoors at Park Care for their own protection from the coronavirus
In previous years Park Care Centre held Annual Christmas Markets and Parties for the frail young and elderly in our 24/7 Nursing Care Centre. However, due to the Covid-19 restrictions, they are unable to enjoy it this year

Park Care Management and Staff Team wish to lavish Residents with perhaps another tinypresent or chocolate on the 24th December to be followed
with the traditional Christmas lunch served on 25th December 2020 in the respective dining halls

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this proposal

image009Please do not hesitate to contact :
Jaqui Smith on 072 263-4704 or
Lorraine le Roux on 011 482-2060 Mondays to Fridays 7am to 3.30 pm with any questions about this request
Generous people like you are the asset of our society
Trusting for your partnership
We are badly in need gifts, eats, treats, toiletries, PPE and clothing items, and hope to conclude DV 2020 with new things in place



 Parktown: Urgent Covid-19 PPE Care Initiative Support Campaign

  • June 2020 PPE Gear and Other Urgent Required Essentials-1
  • June 2020 PPE Gear and Other Urgent Required Essentials-2
  • June 2020 PPE Gear and Other Urgent Required Essentials-3

Caring For Over



Old and Frail People


“Remember That The Happiest People Are Not Those Getting More, But Those Giving More.”-

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

Be a Volunteer

“The Best Way To Find Yourself is To Lose Yourself In The Service Of Others.”-

Mahatma Gandhi

Make Donation


From basic toiletries to curtains, beddings, reading glasses, music CDs and DVDs, wool, cutlery, clothing, snacks, art materials, recliners, plastic water jugs and anything one is willing to donate Park Care’s doors are always open to donations.

. Become A Volunteer


“What is the essence of life? To serve others and to do good” – Greek philosopher Aristtle
A helping hand is always needed and is always welcomed, as we are always looking for volunteers young and old are both welcome

. Sponsorship


To cover charges of and/or purchase additional items regularly required for the underprivilege: Transportation trips to and from Hospital and/or other Medical Appointments Escorts required per person for Medical Appointments and other Hairdressing, Manicure and Pedicure – When Needed (Section 18A’s are issued to donors)

Maintaining of Park Care Centre Essential COVID-19 Care Initiative Support – Lockdown



Dearest Park Care Donors, Support Teams and Friends

PARK CARE CENTRE (24/7 Frail Nursing Care) – Care Packs and COVID-19 Care Initiative implementation

Your endorsement in favour of Park Care and its fragile community, is extremely precious and needed.

Your resolve to help in distinct ways to accomplish the endeavoured successes of ensuring the best health and safety measures for all our frail nursing care dependents and essential staff on duty, its day-to-day operations, administration and management, is greatly esteemed.

Just a quick word to say “Thank you so much!” for considering your patronage for Park Care Centre Care in support of the 300 fragile + elderly, young, the infirm and frail, during these challenging times of lockdown – and Park Care’s need of sufficient supplies to successfully implement safe COVID-19 Care Initiatives throughout

Being in the 2nd-week phase of Covid-19 Lockdown – Please see our list of needs for our residents to ensure the best health and safety measures for all our frail nursing care dependents and essential staff on duty:

  • Soap for hand and body wash
  • Paper towels for our hand wash regime
  • Yogurt
  • Tissues
  • Multivitamins – Vitamin C, Zink and B complex
  • Fresh fruits
  • Ensure or any high protein drink to build up and boost the frail vulnerable resident’s immune system
  • (no energy drinks)
  • Future Life
  • High-protein porridge or ProNutro
  • Masks
  • Disposable gloves
  • Bleach (Jik)


Alternatively, make a direct donation towards our COVID-19 Care Initiative Program

Account Name: Park Care Centre

Bank: Absa Bank

Account Number: 284 097 0089

Branch Code: 632 005


Care Packs for marginalized residents – one or more of the following items

  • Soap
  • Toilet paper
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Aqueous Cream
  • Vaseline
  • Deodorant
  • Razors
  • Socks or Beanies or Spencers
  • Packets of Biscuits or Sweets


As you can imagine, being a Charity organization, Park Care does not have an endless supply of funding available in order to ensure that our stocks of necessary such as masks, and other protective isolation provisions will be enough in order to sustain us until the COVID-19 pandemic is over

Some treats and few tuck shop items will also be nice to distribute amongst the residents to cheer them up

Thank you for fashioning an everlasting success-story page in Park Care’s story book

Much obliged and a heart-felt thank you once again for your kind-heartedness to facilitate vital supplies for Park Care Centre! We are forever indebted for your graceful and generous support

Thank you for taking the time to raise the value of who we are through your generous support

Friendly greetings

Jaqui Smith

072 263 4704

on behalf of


(24/7 Frail Nursing Care)/ (24/7 Verpleeg Sorg vir Verswaktes)

Management, Residents and Staff

Office No: 011 482-2060

Our Services

 24hr Long-term Specialist-&-Professional Nursing Services are provided by Professional Nursing Sisters,

Proficient Staff Nurses & Enrolled Nurses plus Trained Care Workers (permanent and contract workers).

Also include rehabilitation services, spiritual welfare and social work services.

Nursing Services

24/7 Long-term Nursing Services are provided by Professional Nursing Managers, Nursing Sisters, Staff & Enrolled Nurses & Care Workers. to persons with the following conditions & diagnosis: Age-related general frailty, Cancer(all stages), Traumatic Brain & Spinal Injuries.

Social Work Services

The Social Work Team consists of a Social Work Manager, a Social Worker, and 4 x Social Auxiliary Workers, and is responsible for: Counseling to residents & their loved ones.

Spiritual Welfare

Church groups provide free essential Spiritual Care services. Midweek and Sunday Church services are hosted in the Chapel and Hall by rotation of mainstream Churches, Bible study; prayer meetings & social events are convened.

Community Involvement Programmes

Park Care manages a successful Home Based Care Project in the needy adjacent suburb called Vrededorp, where 250+ poor, infirm and vulnerable older persons are living independently in sub-economic council housing. These elderly are freely supported with transport & escort services to hospitals & clinics, and tasks of daily living within their home by Park Care staff and care-workers within this community. This Project is partly subsidized by the Department of Social Development, and some private donors.

Nursing Services

We take care of persons with: Diabetes, Hypertension, Osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease (all stages), Multiple Sclerosis, Depression & Anxiety Disorders, Post-Stroke, Dementias like Alzheimer’s Disease, Disorders like Huntington’s & Motor Neuron Disease, Post-Operative Care & Rehabilitation and Permanent Vegetative States requiring PEG feeding and Trachea Suctioning

Social Work Services

Group Therapy, Group Facilitation, Dementia Care activities and more, Recruitment, orientation, training and mobilization of residents, Admissions – screening, interviewing, Support for the families

• Facilitation of the comprehensive active ageing program, nCo-Management of the Vrededorp Home Based Care Project, Filing and administrative duties and report writing.


 1 APRIL 2018 to 31 MARCH 2019 ​

Park Care Centre 36 Escombe Avenue Parktown West

Golf Day 2020 @ Silver Lakes Pretoria

Friday, 21 February 2020

7 AM – 7 PM

Silver Lakes Golf Club


Hosted by Synbarr for Fundraising for Park Care Centre (Frail people) and Sighthound Sanctuary (frail dogs)

Stepping into the new year, we’re proud to announce one of our most engaging fundraisers –

for the 2nd time hosted by Synbarr for and on behalf of

Park Care Centre (frail persons)

and Sighthound Sanctuary (frail dogs)

Because we need more than just winning campaigns, and so, what better way of starting the new chapter of 2020 than to gather on:

Friday, 21 February at Silver Lakes Golf Club in Pretoria – spending time together, sharing wishes and dreams, aspirations and fun with each other.

We would love to have all our current and new, friends and supporters, on and off Facebook, gathering together – See You There


We have extended the ‘3 x sets Diamond Earrings’ Raffle competition in the expectancy of having one key to raise substantial funds that will complement, or top, the value of new diamond earring sets comprising 3 respective prizes to the value of R 36,990

These diamond earrings (3 x new sets) were donated by a family member of one of our residents to help raise funds – in this case for Park Care to:
– Leap into action and recondition several facilities, (mid care to assisted living) Jakaranda building bathrooms, toilets and showers, that are in plain sight of noticable wear and tear
– Sponsor, within our fragile community of 300-320 residents, several disadvantaged frail people from all walks of life, for nursing care, accommodation, medical expenses etc….
– Generate substantial income to sustain, maintain & improve where possible, the quality nursing care & accommodation offered continuously to 300-320 infirm, frail, nursing-care dependent residents, people from all income groups and colour and culture and status to experience excellent and blissful quality life and specialized nursing care

We are grateful for your noble action to assist in keeping this long established frail nursing care centre in ship shape condition and in perfected frail nursing care services!


Saturday, April 2020

Theme to be advised

Park Care Centre

Families, Friends, Volunteers, Partners and New Acquaintances ALL WELCOME! Hamburgers Boeriedogs Pancakes Coffee Tea Milo Curry & Rice Refreshments and more Some Music Dancing Dress-up and Photo Booth

Golf Day 2019

Thursday, 14 November 2019

10:00 am 

Observatory Golf Club Bedfordview 

The now installed Water Pressure Pump at Forget-Me-Not is pushing 6-Bar Pressure, supplying 2 Kilo-litres water in 2 hours, to the 3 respective floors of our highly fragile Alzheimers/Dementia section, now warranting sufficient water access throughout every day

Thanks to the host (Synbarr) and all the players of the first Synbarr Golf Day that was held on Thursday, Nov 14th, 2019 at the gorgeous Observatory Golf Club –
especially on behalf of, and, to the benefit of:
Park Care Centre (Frail Persons) & Sighthound Sanctuary (Frail Dogs)

several dedicated golfers arrived on the morning of the event …..even when it was cloudy and chilled, and the heavens opened up with drenching rains the night before, with other golfers canceling at the last minute and few more indicators that the day could go wrong for everyone………

But Alas! By the kindness of The Lord’s mercy and grace…..

It turned out to be a winning event for all….pleasant, beautiful weather, delightful social and dinner, with prizes and fun and auctioning…… enjoyable people who changed the forecasts and turned it into a splendid event wherewith both charities benefitted greatly (considering it being a first time golf day fundraising event for both organisations)

To Elaine and Dan, Sabine and Erika, and the Golfing Team of The Day – thank you for making a vast difference by opening the door and granting access to one of Park Care’s many dreams, to come true

Management and staff were astounded by the amount raised for each charity – and with immediate effect, this generous gift was earmarked to purchase a Water Pressure Pump that was urgently needed to help increase the restricted flow of water supply to all 3


Saturday 28th September 201910:00 am 

Park Care Centre 36 Escombe Avenue Parktown West

11:00 am – 15:00 pm

Families, Friends, Volunteers, Partners and New Acquaintances ALL WELCOME! 50’s Diner with Hamburgers Hotdogs Milkshakes Pancakes and more Some Rock ‘n Roll Music Dancing Dress-up and Photo Booth


Saturday 30th November 2019 

Park Care Centre 36 Escombe Avenue Parktown West

14:00 pm – 20:00 pm

Families, Friends, Volunteers, Partners and New Acquaintances ALL WELCOME! Gifts, sweets, biscuits, music, karaoke, and much more to choose Make-up and Photo Booth & loads of fun Christmas Carols get-together & singing
(a) CHRISTMAS MARKE Time: 14h00-18h00
(b) CHRISTMAS CAROLS Time: 18h00-20h00


Be a Volunteer