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South African Stroke Awareness campaign 2013
The project aims to share messages of hope or advice to other stroke survivors.

10 Tips for communicating with a stroke victim
Speech therapist Caitlin Longman has 10 tips when communicating with someone who has aphasia, a stroke related communication disability.

LEADSA: Chalking Up Positive Change in a World without Words
According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation of South Africa, approximately 240 people suffer a stroke in South Africa daily, of which ¾ survive and are faced with the difficulty of dealing with new challenges such as reduced mobility, loss of independence and aphasia.

Gifts of goodie bags for the elderly
In partnership with Vodacom, non-governmental organisation Park Care in Parktown West donated a
hundred care bags to the elderly in Vrededorp.

Speech therapy app gets local touch
A Zulu version of an international speech therapy application will be launched tomorrow to mark Mandela Day.



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